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Level Course Title University Provider
CES282 Hospitality and Tourism in China: A Global Perspective The Hong Kong Polytechnic University EdX
CS101 Introduction to Computer Science II Saylor Saylor
CS101 Introduction to Computer Science I Saylor Saylor
CS175 JavaScript Basics Udacity Udacity
CS223 Introduction to jQuery Microsoft EdX
CS224 Intro to AJAX Udacity Udacity
CS286 Web Development Udacity Udacity
CS286 Web Application Architectures University of New Mexico Coursera
CS286 Diploma in Web Design ALISON ALISON
CS288 Responsive Web Design Fundamentals Udacity Udacity
CS296 HTML5 Part 2: Advanced Techniques for Designing HTML5 Apps W3C EdX
CS310 Web Development Saylor Saylor
CS351 Web Intelligence and Big Data Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Coursera
DESG285 Designing, Running, and Analyzing Experiments UC San Diego Coursera
DESG315 Human-Computer Interaction Design UC San Diego Coursera
ENG352 Writing for the Web Open2Study Open2Study
IT224 User Experience for the Web Open2Study Open2Study
IT424 Web science: how the web is changing the world University of Southampton FutureLearn