About CourseBuffet

CourseBuffet was created because we were excited about the growing number free online college courses / MOOCs but disappointed how poor organization meant these resources were not being used to their full potential.

We have spent countless hours thinking about and developing ways to help our users unlock more value from these resources. At the moment our focus is on the CourseBuffet Classification System and CourseBuffet Degree Paths. The first enables us to offer search results that give our users a guide to the university level of a course and which courses are directly comparable. The second is way for our users to take courses from many different universities but still have a comprehensive and unified education.

We truly think our approach of organizing online courses offers more value than any of our competitors. Bottom line we want you to spend your time learning and not searching.

To learn more about the CourseBuffet Classification System and our CourseBuffet Degree Paths see our FAQ.

-The CourseBuffet Team