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Level Course Title University Provider
ENG95 Start Writing Fiction OUUK OpenupEd
ENG108 Introduction to Cultural and Literary Studies Saylor Saylor
ENG215 The Art of Poetry Boston University EdX
ENG459 The Fiction of Relationship Brown University Coursera
IT327 Healthcare Data Visualization Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
PSYCH175 Unlocking the Immunity to Change: A New Approach to Personal Improvement Harvard EdX
PSYCH308 Industrial and Organizational Psychology Saylor Saylor
PUB H0 Health Informatics in the Cloud Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
PUB H0 Health in Numbers: Quantitative Methods in Clinical & Public Health Research Harvard EdX
PUB H0 Epidemics - the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases The Pennsylvania State University Coursera
PUB H0 Epidemiology: The Basic Science of Public Health The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Coursera
PUB H0 Mobile Healthcare technologies for patients and providers Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
PUB H0 Healthcare Technologies to Assess Human Behavior for Health Management Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
PUB H0 The Biology of Water and Health - Part 1 Open Education Consortium EdX
PUB H0 Contemporary Health Informatics Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
SOC310 Measuring Causal Effects in the Social Sciences University of Copenhagen Coursera
SOC311 Qualitative Research Methods University of Amsterdam Coursera
SOC315 Questionnaire Design for Social Surveys University of Michigan Coursera
STATS80 Big Data and Social Physics MIT EdX
STATS120 I "Heart" Stats: Learning to Love Statistics NotreDame EdX
STATS202 Descriptive Statistics University of Amsterdam Coursera
STATS273 Explore Statistics with R Karolinska Institutet EdX
STATS356 Unpredictable? Randomness, Chance and Free Will National University of Singapore Coursera
STATS356 Introduction to Statistics: Probability University of California, Berkeley EdX
STATS378 Foundations of Data Analysis UTAustin EdX
TRDEV220 U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self MIT EdX