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Complex Analysis

Course Description:

This course is an introduction to complex analysis, or the theory of the analytic functions of a complex variable. Put differently, complex analysis is the theory of the differentiation and integration of functions that depend on one complex variable. Such functions, beautiful on their own, are immediately useful in Physics, Engineering, and Signal Processing. Because of the algebraic properties of the complex numbers and the inherently geometric flavor of complex analysis, this course will feel quite different from Real Analysis, although many of the same concepts, such as open sets, metrics, and limits will reappear. Simply put, you will be working with lines and sets and very specific functions on the complex plane—drawing pictures of them and teasing out all of their idiosyncrasies. You will again find yourself calculating line integrals, just as in multivariable calculus. However, the techniques you learn in this course will help you get past many of the seeming dead-ends you ran up against in calculus. Indeed, most of the definite integrals you will learn to evaluate in Unit 7 come directly from problems in physics and cannot be solved except through techniques from complex variables.

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