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Implementing Customer Insights for Your Business

Classified as: MGT350 - Upper Level Management courses (partially classified) (2 Alt. Courses Available)
Course Description:

The ultimate success of products and services depends on your ability to understand the wishes, motivations and experiences of everyday people. This ability can be a powerful tool to guiding the design, the marketing message and the customer experience. So how can your organization gain insight into your users' needs, and apply these to support your business? This professional education course is an advanced introduction for managers and consultants in design, innovation and marketing who would like to learn how qualitative user research can support their business. The course is given by TU Delft’s leading scholars and experts in the field of industrial design, who developed the now world-standard “context mapping” method, in which user experience informs design and the creation of elegant solutions to complex problems. It will equip you with an in-depth understanding of the value of qualitative user experience research; of the insights it can develop into the needs of users, and of how can these insights support design processes and product strategy. The course structure is case-based and enables you to learn from real-world challenges of companies that utilize user research in their product or service design. In addition, the course includes practical assignments and discussions about cases within the community; and feedback given by peers and content experts. You will also have the opportunity to network and interact with other professionals who deal with the same challenges on a daily basis. Upon successful completion of the course, you will earn a Certificate and 1.5 CEUs.

  • Instructor(s) Prof. Dr. Pieter Jan Stappers, Sanne Kistemaker and others
  • University
  • Provider
  • Start Date 31/May/2016
  • Duration Always Available
  • Main Language English
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