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The Next Generation Infrastructures

Course Description:

Imagine how your life would be without electricity to power the devices you use at home and in the office, without reliable drinking water from the tap, without cars, trains and air traffic, without your mobile phone and without internet access. In many parts of the world we take the availability of these services for granted. Without conscious reflection on the technological systems that bring these services to where we use them, we are becoming increasingly dependent on a secure, uninterrupted and affordable supply of energy, water, transport, telecommunication and information services. They create the conditions for liveability and economic development. However, today's infrastructure systems are in a process of drastic change, as they are becoming more and more web-based, transnational and privatized, while new technologies are on their way. The outcome of these changes is difficult to predict. In this course we will explore the challenges of infrastructure design, management and governance for the future. Some of the questions that will be addressed: What are the major changes and drivers when it comes to infrastructure development? What makes infrastructure networks vulnerable and how do we manage these risks in the future? How can their reliability and quality-of-service be improved?

Course Tags: Infrastructure
  • Instructor(s) Margot Weijnen, Ernst ten Heuvelhof
  • University
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  • Start Date 23/Apr/2014
  • Duration Always Available
  • Main Language English
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