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Level Course Title University Provider
CE456 Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Processing Northwestern University Coursera
CS101 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming MIT EdX
CS180 Introduction to Linux LinuFoundation EdX
CS265 Learn to Program: Crafting Quality Code University of Toronto Coursera
CS290 Social and Economic Networks: Models and Analysis Stanford University Coursera
CS295 Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 1 Stanford University Coursera
CS414 Introduction to Recommender Systems University of Minnesota Coursera
PUB H0 The Social Context of Mental Health and Illness University of Toronto Coursera
PUB H0 Social Epidemiology University of Minnesota Coursera
STATS305 R Programming Johns Hopkins University Coursera
STATS310 Regression Models Johns Hopkins University Coursera
STATS367 Statistical Inference Johns Hopkins University Coursera
STATS375 Getting and Cleaning Data Johns Hopkins University Coursera
STATS377 Data, Analytics and Learning UTArlington EdX
STATS385 Data Wrangling with MongoDB Udacity Udacity
STATS418 Big Data Analytics for Healthcare Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
STATS425 High Performance Scientific Computing University of Washington Coursera