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Level Course Title University Provider
AERO E224 Introduction to Aerospace Engineering: Astronautics and Human Spaceflight MIT EdX
ART101 Art Appreciation and Techniques Saylor Saylor
ART102 Art Appreciation and Techniques Saylor Saylor
ASTR101 Introduction to Astronomy Duke University Coursera
BIO101 Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology Saylor Saylor
BIO101 Introduction to Biology: DNA to Organisms University of California, Irvine Coursera
BIO105 Introduction to Evolutionary Biology and Ecology Saylor Saylor
BIO107 Cell Biology Saylor Saylor
EE214 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Rice University Coursera
GEOG450 World Regional Geography Saylor Saylor
ITALY201 Italian Language and Culture: Intermediate Wellesley EdX
ITALY301 Italian Language and Culture: Advanced Wellesley EdX
MATH91 College Algebra Udacity Udacity
NER S110 Good Brain, Bad Brain: Basics University of Birmingham FutureLearn
NER S220 Fundamentals of Neuroscience, Part I Harvard EdX
NER S221 Fundamentals of Neuroscience Part 2: Neurons and Networks Harvard EdX
PHYS101 Intro to Physics Udacity Udacity
PHYS101 Introduction to Mechanics Saylor Saylor
PHYS101 Introductory Physics - Part 1: Mechanics and Waves Soul National University EdX
PHYS202 Electricity & Magnetism Rice University EdX
PHYS218 Waves & Optics Rice EdX
PHYS230 Understanding Einstein: The Special Theory of Relativity Stanford University Coursera
PHYS250 Mastering Quantum Mechanics MIT EdX
PHYS273 Introduction to Light, Color, and Life Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Coursera
PHYS402 Electronics IIT Delhi NPTEL
POLSCI105 Introduction to Politics Saylor Saylor
POLSCI235 Introduction to International Relations Saylor Saylor
TRDEV85 Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects UC San Diego Coursera
TRDEV90 How to Succeed in College University of Kentucky Coursera