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Level Course Title University Provider
BIO93 AP® Biology - Part 5: Review and Exam Preparation Rice EdX
BIO347 DNA: Biology’s Genetic Code Rice EdX
NER S220 Fundamentals of Neuroscience, Part I Harvard EdX
NER S221 Fundamentals of Neuroscience Part 2: Neurons and Networks Harvard EdX
NER S250 Basic Behavioral Neurology University of Pennsylvania Coursera
NER S255 Understanding the Brain: The Neurobiology of Everyday Life The University of Chicago Coursera
NER S260 Exploring Neural Data Brown University Coursera
NER S320 Synapses, Neurons and Brains Hebrew University of Jerusalem Coursera
NER S434 Computational Neuroscience University of Washington Coursera
NER S455 Neuronal Dynamics - Computational Neuroscience of Single Neurons EPFL EdX
NER S461 Neurobiology Saylor Saylor
PHIL201 Logic: Language and Information 1 The University of Melbourne Coursera
PHIL201 Logic and Critical Thinking Saylor Saylor
PHIL202 Logic: Language and Information 2 The University of Melbourne Coursera
PHIL220 Philosophy and the Sciences The University of Edinburgh Coursera
PHIL313 Ideas of the Twentieth Century UTAustin EdX
PHIL314 Existentialism Saylor Saylor
PHIL427 Contemporary Issues in Philosophy of Mind & Cognition IIT Bombay NPTEL
PSYCH93 AP® Psychology - Course 6: Exam Preparation & Review The University of British Columbia EdX
PSYCH100 Why We Need Psychology University of London International Programmes Coursera
PSYCH101 Introduction to Psychology University of Toronto Coursera
PSYCH123 Introduction to Psychology as a Science Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
PSYCH269 Soul Beliefs: Causes and Consequences Rutgers University Coursera
PSYCH281 Research Methods Lab Saylor Saylor
PSYCH321 Theories of Personality Saylor Saylor
PSYCH327 What is a Mind? University of Cape Town FutureLearn
PSYCH384 Sensation and Perception Saylor Saylor
PSYCH452 Psychotherapy Saylor Saylor
PSYCH490 Cognitive Psychology Saylor Saylor