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Level Course Title University Provider
CS101 Introduction to Computer Science Udacity Udacity
CS286 Web Development Udacity Udacity
CS295 Algorithms Udacity Udacity
CS315 Analytic Combinatorics Princeton University Coursera
CS317 Automata Stanford University Coursera
CS322 Software Engineering Saylor Saylor
CS323 Design of Computer Programs Udacity Udacity
CS328 Software as a Service University of California, Berkeley EdX
CS334 Functional Programming Principles in Scala EPFL Coursera
CS338 Software Testing Udacity Udacity
CS339 Software Debugging Udacity Udacity
CS351 Web Intelligence and Big Data Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Coursera
CS355 Programming Languages Udacity Udacity
CS360 Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 2 Stanford University Coursera
CS360 Algorithms, Part II Princeton University Coursera
CS365 Programming Mobile Services for Android Handheld Systems: Concurrency Vanderbilt University Coursera
CS370 Intro to Theoretical Computer Science Udacity Udacity
CS390 Mobile Applications Development Saylor Saylor
CS391 Creative, Serious and Playful Science of Android Apps University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Coursera
CS400 Introduction to Databases Stanford University Coursera
CS411 Startup Engineering Stanford University Coursera
CS415 Gamification University of Pennsylvania Coursera
CS432 Applied Cryptography Udacity Udacity
CS437 General Game Playing Stanford University Coursera
CS440 Artificial Intelligence Udacity Udacity
CS440 Artificial Intelligence University of California, Berkeley EdX
CS443 Human-Computer Interaction Stanford University Coursera
CS445 Natural Language Processing Stanford University Coursera
CS454 Compilers Stanford University Coursera
CS460 Operating Systems Saylor Saylor
CS485 Machine Learning University of Washington Coursera
CS485 Machine Learning Stanford University Coursera
MATH171 Calculus: Single Variable University of Pennsylvania Coursera
MATH216 Discrete Structures Saylor Saylor
MATH220 Linear Algebra Saylor Saylor
MATH230 Differential Equations Saylor Saylor
MATH316 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations Saylor Saylor
MATH321 Games without Chance: Combinatorial Game Theory Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
MATH420 Linear Algebra II Saylor Saylor
MATH427 Coding the Matrix: Linear Algebra through Computer Science Applications Brown University Coursera
MATH500 Graph Partitioning and Expanders Stanford University Novoed
PHYS101 Intro to Physics Udacity Udacity