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Level Course Title University Provider
ARCH260 Future Cities ETH Zurich EdX
ART290 Introduction to Computational Arts State University of New York Coursera
ART292 Introduction to Computational Arts: Visual Arts State University of New York Coursera
ART363 Understanding Video Games University of Alberta Coursera
CE456 Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Processing Northwestern University Coursera
CS87 The Beauty and Joy of Computing (CS Principles), Part 1 University of California, Berkeley EdX
CS101 Introduction to Computer Science I Saylor Saylor
CS101 Introduction to Computer Science II Saylor Saylor
CS101 An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python Rice University Coursera
CS101 Learn to Program: The Fundamentals University of Toronto Coursera
CS101 Intro to Programming Udacity Udacity
CS101 Introduction to Computer Programming, Part 1 IIT Bombay EdX
CS101 Introduction to Computer Programming, Part 2 IIT Bombay EdX
CS111 Making Math Matter Udacity Udacity
CS118 Computing: Art, Magic, Science ETH Zurich EdX
CS121 Paradigms of Computer Programming Louvain EdX
CS138 Make Your Own 2048 Udacity Udacity
CS143 Intro to Salesforce App Development Udacity Udacity
CS163 Intro to HTML and CSS Udacity Udacity
CS166 How to Use Git and GitHub Udacity Udacity
CS180 Introduction to Linux LinuFoundation EdX
CS215 Introduction to Functional Programming Delft EdX
CS218 Introduction to Computational Arts: Processing State University of New York Coursera
CS227 UX Design for Mobile Developers Udacity Udacity
CS228 Website Performance Optimization Udacity Udacity
CS230 C++ Programming Saylor Saylor
CS246 Modelling and Simulation using MATLAB® RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden Iversity
CS260 Computer Architecture Princeton University Coursera
CS260 Computer Architecture Saylor Saylor
CS265 Learn to Program: Crafting Quality Code University of Toronto Coursera
CS286 Web Development Udacity Udacity
CS288 Responsive Web Design Fundamentals Udacity Udacity
CS290 Social Network Analysis University of Michigan Coursera
CS294 HTML5 Canvas Udacity Udacity
CS296 Introduction to Game Design MIT EdX
CS297 Beginning Game Programming with C# University of Colorado System Coursera
CS298 HTML5 Game Development Udacity Udacity
CS339 Software Debugging Udacity Udacity
CS369 Local Area Networks Saylor Saylor
CS390 Mobile Applications Development Saylor Saylor
CS390 Begin programming: build your first mobile game University of Reading FutureLearn
CS390 Mobile Web Development Udacity Udacity
CS395 Intro to iOS App Development with Swift Udacity Udacity
CS396 UIKit Fundamentals Udacity Udacity
CS397 iOS Networking with Swift Udacity Udacity
CS414 Introduction to Recommender Systems University of Minnesota Coursera
CS417 Image and video processing: From Mars to Hollywood with a stop at the hospital Duke University Coursera
CS442 Interactive 3D Graphics Udacity Udacity
CS450 Introduction to Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists California Institute of the Arts Coursera
CS457 Fog Networks and the Internet of Things Princeton University Coursera
IT250 Management Information Systems Saylor Saylor
IT291 Understanding Wireless: Technology, Economics, and Policy NotreDame EdX
MUS364 Introduction to Music Production Berklee College of Music Coursera
PSYCH100 Introduction to Psychology St. Margaret’s Episcopal School EdX
PSYCH100 Why We Need Psychology University of London International Programmes Coursera