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4 courses that answer "What is the EU?"

BREXIT has taken over the news and now some of you are thinking how can I learn more about Europe and the European Union. There has to be more to it than Belgian waffles, German beer, and Cristiano Ronaldo. We found some courses that can shed light on what is going on.

Understanding Europe: Why It Matters and What It Can Offer You
HEC Paris / Coursera

By the name alone this course clearly is pro European Union. It covers the basic history and current version of the EU. More importantly for some, the course promises to help you “discover new jobs you never heard of”. Just be sure to say you hate the Premier League during your interview.

The Eurozone Crisis
Marginal Revolution University
This course explores some of the problems the European Union has faced in the past couple of years. It examines economic and financial issues some of the countries are dealing with and how the EU as a whole is responding. Will the Euro survive? Find out.

History of Europe, 1800 to the Present

Before there was the European Union there was just Europe and far from being a union there was lot of fighting. Heck they had two world wars in one century! Learn how Europe went through the industrial age and the conflict that ensued. Note: This is a Saylor legacy course meaning the course is made up of material from many sources. There are a few dead links but most of the sources should be available.  

International Trade
Saylor and Marginal Revolution University

These courses are not strictly about the European Union but they do cover one of the most important of goals of the EU, the increase of trade of goods between countries. Learn about international trade theory and the implications of barriers, tariffs, subsidies and more. We think politicians and bureaucrats in London and Brussels will be brushing up on international trade theory quite soon.