Your feedback in action - CourseBuffet Classification modified

new classification

Our goal at CourseBuffet is for you to spend your time learning not searching for courses. That is why we have CourseBuffet classification. This means we assign a subject and number to every course similar to what is done at many leading universities. Courses that cover the same or similar material will have the same CourseBuffet subject and number. These similar courses are also grouped under a CourseBuffet Title. The classification enables you to know which courses are directly comparable....

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What you told us about your CourseBuffet experience

We recently sent out a survey to CourseBuffet users. I want to share a little of what we found. Before I do I will mention you can still take the survey. Here is your chance to tell us what works for you and how we could make CB better for you!

The first question we asked was do you find CourseBuffet search results relevant.

CourseBuffet search results survey


As you can see 1/3 of respondents found them very relevant, while most of the rest found them somewhat relevant. Seems we are doing a decent job when it comes to...

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