Introducing CourseBuffet Minors!

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CourseBuffet is thrilled to announce CourseBuffet Minors! Minors are learning paths of 5-6 courses that will give you a solid understanding of an area of study. CourseBuffet Minors are modeled on academic minors found at top U.S. universities.

Thousands of you have already started on our CourseBuffet Degree Paths which replicate traditional bachelor’s degrees. Minors are a great option for those who just want to focus on key courses for a subject and may not need to follow a whole...

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CourseBuffet Degree Paths!

We at CourseBuffet are thrilled to introduce CourseBuffet Degree Paths.

These are learning path that have requirements that are roughly equivalent to Bachelor’s degree at a US University. You populate the path with free MOOC/online courses. Now you get a full bachelor’s degree worth of learning for $0. We have a full FAQ here (you must login). Let’s see what the path looks like.

Degree Paths Pick

First you pick a path. At the moment we have Computer Science and Management.


Then we...

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