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Classified as: CS432 - Cryptography (3 Alt. Courses Available)
Course Description:

Historically, cryptography was used to ensure private communication between two people with some prior relationship. More recently, its scope has expanded to include things as diverse as data integrity, secure internet-wide communication, electronic cash, secure distributed computation, and more. Cryptography has also become ubiquitous. Perhaps unknowingly, we have all encountered applications of cryptography in our daily lives---whether by logging in using a password, making a web purchase over a secure connection, or applying a software update that is digitally signed.

Course Tags: Computer Security
  • Instructor(s) Jonathan Katz
  • University
  • Provider
  • Start Date 13/Jul/2015
  • Duration 7 weeks
  • Main Language English
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  • asamene
    asamene Enrolled Apr 29 2015
    cryptography This subject is relevant to my academic field of study
    This class teaches skills that will help my job/career
    I want to earn some sort of credential that I can use to enhance my CV resume Because this course is offered by a prestigious university
    I think taking this course will be fun and enjoyable