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Level Course Title University Provider
ACCT140 Financial Accounting Made Fun: Eliminating Your Fears Babson EdX
ACCT140 Introduction to Accounting - Part 1: Basics of Financial Statements IIMB EdX
ACCT145 Introduction to Financial and Management Accounting ACCA EdX
ACCT420 Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination West Virginia University Coursera
ACCT530 Taxes and taxation in Russia MESI OpenupEd
B LAW210 Business Law and Ethics Saylor Saylor
B LAW250 Property and Liability: An Introduction to Law and Economics Wesleyan University Coursera
CE390 Hardware Security University of Maryland, College Park Coursera
CES240 Latino Popular Culture for the Clueless The Ohio State University Coursera
CES250 America Through Foreign Eyes Rice University Coursera
CES265 Latin American Culture Tecnologico de Monterrey Coursera
CES268 Latin American Migration The Ohio State University Coursera
CES287 Understanding Russians: Contexts of Intercultural Communication Higher School of Economics Coursera
CES337 Engaging India Australian National University EdX
CES337 Contemporary India The University of Melbourne Coursera
CS290 Social Network Analysis University of Michigan Coursera
CS350 Cybersecurity Capstone Project University of Maryland, College Park Coursera
CS351 Web Intelligence and Big Data Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Coursera
CS380 Introduction to Data Science University of Washington Coursera
CS386 Computer Security Stanford University Coursera
CS389 Malicious Software and its Underground Economy: Two Sides to Every Story University of London International Programmes Coursera
CS400 Introduction to Modern Database Systems Saylor Saylor
CS400 Introduction to Databases Stanford University Coursera
CS400 Intro to Relational Databases Udacity Udacity
CS419 From GPS and Google Maps to Spatial Computing University of Minnesota Coursera
CS432 Cryptography University of Maryland, College Park Coursera
CS432 Cryptography Stanford University Coursera
CS432 Cryptography Saylor Saylor
CS434 Cryptography and Network Security IIT Kharagpur NPTEL
CS440 Artificial Intelligence Saylor Saylor
CS440 Artificial Intelligence University of California, Berkeley EdX
CS440 Artificial Intelligence Planning The University of Edinburgh Coursera
DESG325 Geodesign: Change Your World The Pennsylvania State University Coursera
ECON322 Public Finance Saylor Saylor
ECON323 Labor Economics Saylor Saylor
ECON383 Economic History of the Soviet Union MRUniversity MRUniversity
FIN160 Finance for Non-Financial People University of California, Irvine Coursera
FIN201 Managing My Money The Open University FutureLearn
FIN201 Personal & Family Financial Planning University of Florida Coursera
FIN201 Financial Literacy Macquarie university Open2Study
FIN201 Managing My Investments The Open University FutureLearn
FIN280 Wall Street MOOC First Business MOOC First Business MOOC
FIN456 Risk Management Saylor Saylor
FRNSC100 Introduction to forensic science University of Strathclyde FutureLearn
FRNSC101 Introduction to Forensic Science Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Coursera
GL163 Becoming a Resilient Person - The Science of Stress Management University of Washington EdX
HIST330 Causes of war King's College London FutureLearn
HIST390 War and American Society Saylor Saylor
HIST392 War for the Greater Middle East Boston University EdX
IT200 Internet History, Technology, and Security University of Michigan Coursera
IT265 Maps and the Geospatial Revolution The Pennsylvania State University Coursera
IT267 Geospatial Intelligence & the Geospatial Revolution The Pennsylvania State University Coursera
IT278 Securing Digital Democracy University of Michigan Coursera
IT280 Wiretaps to Big Data: Privacy and Surveillance in the Age of Interconnection Cornell EdX
IT301 Metadata: Organizing and Discovering Information The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Coursera
IT374 Information Security and Risk Management in Context University of Washington Coursera
IT375 Building an Information Risk Management Toolkit University of Washington Coursera
IT383 Usable Security University of Maryland, College Park Coursera
IT427 Information Security Saylor Saylor
IT427 Software Security University of Maryland, College Park Coursera
IT427 Designing and Executing Information Security Strategies University of Washington Coursera
LAW250 Diploma in Legal Studies ALISON ALISON
LAW265 ContractsX: From Trust to Promise to Contract Harvard EdX
LAW320 Copyright Harvard EdX
LAW336 Introduction to Key Constitutional Concepts and Supreme Court Cases University of Pennsylvania Coursera
LAW336 Constitutional Law Yale University Coursera
LAW367 Introduction to International Criminal Law Case Western Reserve University Coursera
LAW367 International Criminal Law Peking University EdX
LAW378 Surveillance Law Stanford University Coursera
LAW378 Cyberwar, Surveillance and Security The University of Adelaide EdX
MED0 Neuroethics University of Pennsylvania Coursera
MGT170 Introduction to Project Management The University of Adelaide EdX
MGT170 Project Management: The Basics for Success University of California, Irvine Coursera
MGT179 Shaping the Future of Work MIT EdX
MGT250 Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship ALISON ALISON
MGT250 Diploma in Business and Legal Studies ALISON ALISON
MGT352 Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making Delft EdX
MGT407 Initiating and Planning Projects University of California, Irvine Coursera
MGT408 Budgeting and Scheduling Projects University of California, Irvine Coursera
MGT410 Project Management Saylor Saylor
MGT410 Principles of Project Management Polytechnic West Open2Study
MGT410 Evidence-Based Project Management Australian National University EdX
MGT414 Managing Project Risks and Changes University of California, Irvine Coursera
MGT417 Economics of Cybersecurity Delft EdX
PHIL201 Logic and Critical Thinking Saylor Saylor
POLSCI101 Introduction to American Politics Saylor Saylor
POLSCI102 Introduction to Comparative Politics Saylor Saylor
POLSCI105 Introduction to Politics Saylor Saylor
POLSCI112 Democratic Development Stanford University Coursera
POLSCI210 America's Written Constitution Yale University Coursera
POLSCI235 Introduction to International Relations Saylor Saylor
POLSCI240 Age of Globalization UTAustin EdX
POLSCI250 US Voting Access and Fraud Davidson EdX
POLSCI316 Public Policy Process Saylor Saylor
POLSCI322 Justice Harvard EdX
POLSCI324 Globalization's Winners and Losers: Challenges for Developed and Developing Countries Georgetown EdX
POLSCI333 Constitutional Struggles in the Muslim World University of Copenhagen Coursera
POLSCI336 Campaigns and Elections Saylor Saylor
POLSCI338 Framing: Creating powerful political messages Delft EdX
POLSCI340 Introduction to Public Administration Saylor Saylor
POLSCI348 Making Better Group Decisions: Voting, Judgement Aggregation and Fair Division University of Maryland, College Park Coursera
POLSCI350 Open Government Delft EdX
POLSCI360 Public Privacy: Cyber Security & Human Rights Universiteit Utrecht Iversity
POLSCI365 Workers' Rights in a Global Economy The Global Labour University Iversity
POLSCI402 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Saylor Saylor
POLSCI408 Immigration and U.S. Citizenship Emory University Coursera
POLSCI413 Conditions of War and Peace The University of Tokyo Coursera
POLSCI416 Ethics and Public Policy Saylor Saylor
POLSCI419 Global Justice Saylor Saylor
POLSCI422 American Political Thought Saylor Saylor
POLSCI424 US Intelligence and National Security Saylor Saylor
POLSCI425 Central Challenges of American National Security, Strategy and the Press Harvard EdX
POLSCI427 United States Foreign Policy Saylor Saylor
POLSCI428 21st Century American Foreign Policy Duke University Coursera
POLSCI432 Understanding Terrorism and the Terrorist Threat University of Maryland, College Park Coursera
POLSCI433 Terrorism and Counterterrorism Georgetown EdX
POLSCI433 Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Comparing Theory and Practice Universiteit Leiden Coursera
POLSCI437 Introduction to Western Political Thought Saylor Saylor
POLSCI438 Contemporary Political Thought Saylor Saylor
POLSCI450 Congressional Politics Saylor Saylor
POLSCI455 The Presidency and the Executive Branch Saylor Saylor
POLSCI458 Genocide OUI OpenupEd
PSYCH101 Introduction to Psychology Saylor Saylor
PSYCH101 Introduction to Psychology University of Toronto Coursera
PSYCH101 Intro to Psychology Udacity Udacity
PSYCH101 Introduction to Psychology Tsinghua EdX
PSYCH101 Diploma in Psychology ALISON ALISON
PSYCH123 Introduction to Psychology as a Science Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
PSYCH230 Gender and Sexuality Saylor Saylor
PSYCH234 Creativity, Innovation, and Change The Pennsylvania State University Coursera
PSYCH245 Bullying 101: Beyond common sense University of Padova Iversity
PSYCH248 Genius. Talent. Golden Mediocrity Tomsk State University Iversity
PSYCH269 Soul Beliefs: Causes and Consequences Rutgers University Coursera
PSYCH280 Research Methods Saylor Saylor
PSYCH281 Research Methods Lab Saylor Saylor
PSYCH308 Industrial and Organizational Psychology Saylor Saylor
PSYCH312 The Psychology of Criminal Justice The University of Queensland EdX
PSYCH314 Forensic Psychology: Witness Investigation The Open University FutureLearn
PSYCH320 Unethical Decision Making in Organizations University of Lausanne Coursera
PSYCH321 Theories of Personality Saylor Saylor
PSYCH326 Psychology and Mental Health: Beyond Nature and Nurture University of Liverpool FutureLearn
PSYCH330 A Beginner's Guide to Irrational Behavior Duke University Coursera
PSYCH333 Abnormal Behavior Saylor Saylor
PSYCH334 Reason and Persuasion: Thinking Through Three Dialogues By Plato National University of Singapore Coursera
PSYCH350 Social Psychology Saylor Saylor
PSYCH350 Social Psychology Wesleyan University Coursera
PUB H0 The American Disease: Drugs and Drug Control in the USA University of Florida Coursera
SOC263 Understanding Violence Emory University Coursera
SOC341 Paradoxes of War Princeton University Coursera
SOC355 Presumed Innocent? The Social Science of Wrongful Conviction The Pennsylvania State University Coursera
SOC433 Responding to 9/11 Duke University Coursera
STATS120 I "Heart" Stats: Learning to Love Statistics NotreDame EdX
STATS120 Statistics: Making Sense of Data University of Toronto Coursera
STATS245 Evaluating Social Programs MIT EdX
STATS273 Explore Statistics with R Karolinska Institutet EdX
STATS377 Data, Analytics and Learning UTArlington EdX
STATS378 Foundations of Data Analysis UTAustin EdX
STATS378 Data to Insight: An Introduction to Data Analysis The University of Auckland FutureLearn
STATS378 Data Analysis and Statistical Inference Duke University Coursera
STATS378 Core Concepts in Data Analysis Higher School of Economics Coursera
STATS380 The Analytics Edge MIT EdX