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Aero E 101
Aero E 224
Aero E 301
Aero E 304
Aero E 309
  • The space flight mechanics is the first course in graduate and undergraduate courses.The advanced course on space flight mechanics gets specialized in the sub st...
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Aero E 311
Aero E 312
  • Concept of Waves in fluid, Mach waves, Compression waves, Expansion waves, Isentropic flow, Shock waves, Stationary and Moving Shocks, Oblique Shocks, Bow Shocks...
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Aero E 330
Aero E 407
  • The course is designed as a core course for the undergraduate students of Aerospace engineering and contains the basic material essential for a foundation of com...
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Aero E 409
Aero E 410
Aero E 411
  • Introduction to Aircraft Jet Propulsion. Jet Engine Cycles: Thermodynamic Analysis of real cycles. Compressors and Turbines. Combustion Systems.Intakes and Prope...
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Aero E 412
Aero E 413
Aero E 415
Aero E 421
Aero E 427
Aero E 450
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