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Phys 93
Phys 101
Phys 104
Phys 150
  • Designed for non-science students, this course is a practical introduction to physics and science in everyday life. It considers objects from the world around us...
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Phys 153
Phys 155
Phys 163
Phys 187
Phys 191
  • Albert Einstein has become the icon of modern science. Following his scientific, cultural, philosophical, and political trajectory, this course aims to track the...
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Phys 202
Phys 203
Phys 210
Phys 218
  • PHYS201x follows introductory physics courses with a more detailed treatment of oscillators, waves on strings, and electromagnetic waves. In addition to deriving...
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Phys 230
Phys 250
Phys 273
Phys 380
Phys 402
  • It is a basic introductory course on Electronics and its Principles. It starts with basics of p-n junctions leading to diodes and transistors. The circuit applic...
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Phys 406
Phys 411