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BioSci 365
  • Graphs and functions, Derivative of a function, Techniques of differentiation Differentiation and its application in Biology, Finding maxima, minima, Plotting fu...
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BioSci 477
BioSci 478
CS 101
Math 235
Math 252
  • The course “Measure and Integration” is an advance level course in Real Analysis, followed by a basic course in Real Analysis. The aim of this course is to give ...
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Math 429
  • This is a basic course in algebraic topology where we introduce the notion of fundamental groups, covering spaces, methods for computing fundamental groups using...
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Math 455
Eng 180
Stats 360
Mech E 301
  • ME209.1x is a basic course in thermodynamics, designed for students of mechanical engineering.  We will study the terms and concepts used in thermodynamics, with...
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Phil 427
Phys 230
EE 286
EE 287
EE 489
EE 493
Aero E 410
Aero E 411
  • Introduction to Aircraft Jet Propulsion. Jet Engine Cycles: Thermodynamic Analysis of real cycles. Compressors and Turbines. Combustion Systems.Intakes and Prope...
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Aero E 415