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CS 430
  • It introduces Biometric traits and its aim, image processing basics, basic image operations, filtering, enhancement, sharpening, edge detection, smoothening, enh...
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CS 438
Math 212
Math 311
  • Natural Numbers & Principle of Mathematical Induction, Set Theory, Functions, Basic Counting Principles, Advanced Counting, Group Theory, Group Action, Orbit Sta...
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Math 364
Math 370
Math 440
Math 448
Math 466
  • Basic facts of maxima & minima & convex optimization.Important classes of convex optimization problems.Convex sets & convex functions, Differentiable convex func...
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Econ 333
  • The course will give some answers to why countries and firms do international trade with each other and what is the pattern of trade. Further it will discuss wha...
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Stats 365
  • The course will start with the fundamentals steps involved in the development of any sample survey. The advantages over the complete enumeration will also be dis...
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Stats 390
EE 488
Soc 331
Aero E 409
Aero E 421
Civil E 215
Civil E 315
  • The basic purpose of this course is to introduce 2nd year Chemical Students to the concepts of fluid mechanics.First few lectures will review the fundamentals of...
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Matsci 380
  • Introduction; The Science Base of Iron and Steelmaking; Modern Steelmaking I: Oxygen Steelmaking; Modern Steelmaking II: Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking; Steelm...
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Matsci 402