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CS 434
CS 459
  • Introduction to Modeling Timing constraints,Scheduling Real-Time Tasks: Types of Schedulers, table-driven, Cyclic, EDF, RMA, Handling Resource sharing among real...
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Math 335
  • It is a first level course on Functional Analysis. The motto is to familiarize the students with basic concepts, principles and methods of Functional analysis an...
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Math 401
Math 451
Stats 360
Stats 367
  • Point Estimation: Parametric point estimation, unbiasedness, consistency, efficiency, method of moments and maximum likelihood, lower bounds for the variance of ...
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EE 474
Aero E 309
  • The space flight mechanics is the first course in graduate and undergraduate courses.The advanced course on space flight mechanics gets specialized in the sub st...
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Aero E 407
  • The course is designed as a core course for the undergraduate students of Aerospace engineering and contains the basic material essential for a foundation of com...
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Chem E 305
Chem E 435
Chem E 475
  • Basics of Biology, Overview of Biotechnology, Diversity in Microbial Cells, Cell Constituents, Chemicals for Life. Kinetics of Enzyme Catalysis. Immobilized Enzy...
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Matsci 370
Matsci 410
Matsci 435
Ocn E 312
Ocn E 329
  • Regular water waves – definition of ship motions – single degree of freedom motions in regular waves – uncoupled heave, pitch and roll motions – coupled heave an...
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Ocn E 337
  • Introduction - ideal and viscous incompressible fluid; Kinematics of fluid; Lagrangian and Eulerian methods of description, velocity, acceleration, streamlines, ...
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