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BioSci 466
  • The thermodynamic functions H, A and G, concept of chemical potential, equations for a closed system, Maxwell’s relations, thermodynamic analysis of processes –...
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CS 465
CS 516
Math 445
Mech E 407
Phil 461
Phys 406
Phys 421
Theat 270
Aero E 311
Aero E 312
  • Concept of Waves in fluid, Mach waves, Compression waves, Expansion waves, Isentropic flow, Shock waves, Stationary and Moving Shocks, Oblique Shocks, Bow Shocks...
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Aero E 412
Aero E 413
Chem E 280
  • The development of fast, efficient and inexpensive computers has significantly increased the range of engineering problems that can be solved reliably. Computati...
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Chem E 436
Matsci 219
  • This course will discuss the approaches used to understand important properties of materials and the relationships between these properties. Elementary quantum m...
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Matsci 401
Ocn E 307
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