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Level Course Title University Provider
B LAW210 Business Law and Ethics Saylor Saylor
B LAW250 Property and Liability: An Introduction to Law and Economics Wesleyan University Coursera
COM330 Public Relations Saylor Saylor
CS290 Social and Economic Networks: Models and Analysis Stanford University Coursera
CS430 Biometrics IIT Kanpur NPTEL
CS445 Natural Language Processing Columbia University Coursera
ECON303 Money and Banking / Financial Economics Saylor Saylor
ECON305 Understanding economic policymaking IE Business School Coursera
ECON322 Public Finance Saylor Saylor
ECON327 International Trade Saylor Saylor
ECON417 Monte Carlo Methods in Finance Universidad Autonoma de Madrid Iversity
EDU521 Open Translation (OT12) MOOC OUUK OpenupEd
ENG102 English Composition II Saylor Saylor
ENG143 English Composition I: Achieving Expertise Duke University Coursera
ENTR301 How to Build a Startup Udacity Udacity
ES265 Global Sustainable Energy: Past, Present and Future University of Florida Coursera
FIN201 Financial Literacy Macquarie university Open2Study
FIN280 Wall Street MOOC First Business MOOC First Business MOOC
FIN285 Financial Analysis First Business MOOC First Business MOOC
FIN285 Financial Analysis First Business MOOC First Business MOOC
FIN301 Principles of Finance Saylor Saylor
FIN301 Finance Stanford University Novoed
FIN305 Corporate Finance University of Pennsylvania Coursera
FIN305 Diagnosing the Financial Health of a Business Macquarie Graduate School of Management Open2Study
FIN320 Financial Analysis and Decision Making Tsinghua EdX
FIN323 Financial Markets Yale University Coursera
FIN405 Financial Planning TAFE NSW-Sydney Institute Open2Study
FIN429 Financial Engineering and Risk Management Part I Columbia University Coursera
FIN430 Financial Engineering and Risk Management Part II Columbia University Coursera
FIN456 Risk Management Saylor Saylor
FIN471 Mathematical Methods for Quantitative Finance University of Washington Coursera
FIN485 Introduction to Computational Finance and Financial Econometrics University of Washington Coursera
FIN485 Computational Investing, Part I Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
IT265 Maps and the Geospatial Revolution The Pennsylvania State University Coursera
IT331 Information Theory The Chinese University of Hong Kong Coursera
LAW220 English Common Law: An Introduction University of London International Programmes Coursera
LAW312 The Law of the European Union: An Introduction Universiteit Leiden Coursera
LAW324 Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Coursera
LAW336 Constitutional Law Yale University Coursera
MGT210 Corporate Communication Saylor Saylor
MGT301 Principles of Management Saylor Saylor
MGT301 Organizational Analysis Stanford University Coursera
MGT410 Project Management Saylor Saylor
MGT410 Principles of Project Management Polytechnic West Open2Study
MGT461 International Organizations Management University of Geneva Coursera
MGT485 Negotiations and Conflict Management Saylor Saylor
MUS181 Jazz Appreciation UTAustin EdX
MUS353 Songwriting Berklee College of Music Coursera
POLSCI105 Introduction to Politics Saylor Saylor
POLSCI220 Decouvrir la science politique Louvain EdX
POLSCI235 Introduction to International Relations Saylor Saylor
POLSCI305 Feminist Politics Saylor Saylor
POLSCI316 Public Policy Process Saylor Saylor
POLSCI340 Introduction to Public Administration Saylor Saylor
POLSCI402 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Saylor Saylor
POLSCI408 Immigration and U.S. Citizenship Emory University Coursera
POLSCI416 Ethics and Public Policy Saylor Saylor
POLSCI442 International Law Saylor Saylor
POLSCI460 International Organization(s) Saylor Saylor
POLSCI461 History and Institutions of the European Union UNINETTUNO OpenupEd
POLSCI483 International Political Economy Saylor Saylor
PSYCH321 Theories of Personality Saylor Saylor
PSYCH330 A Beginner's Guide to Irrational Behavior Duke University Coursera
SOC457 Corpus linguistics: method, analysis, interpretation Lancaster University FutureLearn