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What CourseBuffet Classification is and how it helps you

get organized

The whole point of CourseBuffet is to organize free online college courses available in a way that you can see all your options quickly and get the most value from them. We organize courses with the CourseBuffet Classification System. This means we assign a subject and level to every course similar to what is done at many leading universities. Courses that cover the same or similar material will have the same CourseBuffet subject and number. This enables you to know which courses are directly comparable.

search page classification

This also means you can see which courses generally are introduction courses and equivalent to first and second year university courses and which course are upper level more advanced courses. This allows you to plan your learning by taking courses in a way that builds on previous learning.  With this system you can also take course from different universities and platforms yet still  build on pevious learning.

Higher classification example

We recently updated the design of our course page so you can see other courses that fall under the same classification.

course page classification

Classifying each course is time consuming but the result means you will spend less time searching and more time learning. Our aim is not to just be a list of available courses, there are already enough sites like that, but to add real value to your course search and planned learning. We think we are the best place to find courses and will continue to improve your search experience.