Short answers to your questions about CourseBuffet

We have had a surge of interest and many of you have questions so we want to answer some of them here.

Q. What is the goal of CourseBuffet?

The goal of CourseBuffet is to help you find high quality courses, compare them easily, and form learning paths from the courses you pick.

Q. Can I get university credit or certificates from CourseBuffet?

At the moment we don’t offer credits or certificates but we are working on options like this.

Q. What is this CourseBuffet Classification System?...

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What CourseBuffet Classification is and how it helps you

get organized

The whole point of CourseBuffet is to organize free online college courses available in a way that you can see all your options quickly and get the most value from them. We organize courses with the CourseBuffet Classification System. This means we assign a subject and level to every course similar to what is done at many leading universities. Courses that cover the same or similar material will have the same CourseBuffet subject and number. This enables you to know which courses are...

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