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Level Course Title University Provider
CES315 The American South: Its Stories, Music, and Art The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Coursera
ENG378 Representations of HIV & AIDS Davidson EdX
FS215 Growing our Future Food: Crops Wageningen EdX
HIST101 History of Europe, 1000 to 1800 Saylor Saylor
HIST102 History of Europe, 1800 to the Present Saylor Saylor
HIST122 Early Globalizations Saylor Saylor
HIST130 Practicing Tolerance in a Religious Society: The Church and the Jews in Italy University of Maryland, College Park Coursera
HIST180 Age of Jefferson University of Virginia Coursera
HIST181 The Kennedy Half Century University of Virginia Coursera
HIST186 Objects That Define America Smithsonian Institution EdX
HIST211 American Capitalism: A History Cornell EdX
HIST215 Introduction to United States History Saylor Saylor
HIST222 Civil War and Reconstruction - Part 1 1850 -1861 Columbia University EdX
HIST250 Sagas and Space - Thinking Space in Viking Age and Medieval Scandinavia University of Zurich Coursera
HIST273 Islam, The Middle East, and The West Saylor Saylor
HIST274 History of Africa to 1890 Saylor Saylor
HIST429 Capitalism and Democracy in America Saylor Saylor
LAW378 Surveillance Law Stanford University Coursera
PHIL101 Introduction to Philosophy: God, Knowledge and Consciousness MIT EdX
PHIL101 Introduction to Philosophy Saylor Saylor
POLSCI101 Introduction to American Politics Saylor Saylor
POLSCI112 Democratic Development Stanford University Coursera
POLSCI210 America's Written Constitution Yale University Coursera
POLSCI240 Age of Globalization UTAustin EdX
POLSCI305 Feminist Politics Saylor Saylor
POLSCI333 Constitutional Struggles in the Muslim World University of Copenhagen Coursera
POLSCI360 Public Privacy: Cyber Security & Human Rights Universiteit Utrecht Iversity
POLSCI462 Middle Eastern Politics Saylor Saylor
PUB H0 The American Disease: Drugs and Drug Control in the USA University of Florida Coursera