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Level Course Title University Provider
B LAW250 Property and Liability: An Introduction to Law and Economics Wesleyan University Coursera
B LAW341 Law and the Entrepreneur Northwestern University Coursera
B LAW360 Introduction to European Business Law Lund University Coursera
COM101 Introduction to Public Speaking University of Washington Coursera
COM250 Journalism Skills for Engaged Citizens The University of Melbourne Coursera
COM282 Journalism for Social Change University of California, Berkeley EdX
FIN201 Financial Literacy Macquarie university Open2Study
FIN301 Finance Stanford University Novoed
FIN310 Financial Analysis of Entrepreneurial Ideas Babson Novoed
FIN317 Financing and Investing in Infrastructure Universit┼Ľ Bocconi Coursera
FIN320 Financial Analysis and Decision Making Tsinghua EdX
FIN350 Introduction to Actuarial Science Australian National University EdX
FIN429 Financial Engineering and Risk Management Part I Columbia University Coursera
FIN430 Financial Engineering and Risk Management Part II Columbia University Coursera
FRCH95 On-Ramp to AP* French Language and Culture Weston High School EdX
FRNSC100 Introduction to forensic science University of Strathclyde FutureLearn
FRNSC101 Introduction to Forensic Science Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Coursera
GER101 Auf Deutsch: Communicating in German Across Cultures University of Pennsylvania Coursera
ITALY101 Italian Language and Culture: Beginner Wellesley EdX
ITALY201 Italian Language and Culture: Intermediate Wellesley EdX
ITALY301 Italian Language and Culture: Advanced Wellesley EdX
LAW305 The Global Student's Introduction to U.S. Law University of Florida Coursera
LAW312 The Law of the European Union: An Introduction Universiteit Leiden Coursera
LAW324 Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Coursera
LAW336 Constitutional Law Yale University Coursera
LAW336 Introduction to Key Constitutional Concepts and Supreme Court Cases University of Pennsylvania Coursera
LAW365 International Human Rights Law: Prospects and Challenges Duke University Coursera
LAW378 Cyberwar, Surveillance and Security The University of Adelaide EdX
LAW378 Surveillance Law Stanford University Coursera
MGT301 Organizational Analysis Stanford University Coursera
MGT OP340 An Introduction to Operations Management University of Pennsylvania Coursera
NER S220 Fundamentals of Neuroscience, Part I Harvard EdX
NER S221 Fundamentals of Neuroscience Part 2: Neurons and Networks Harvard EdX
POLSCI101 Introduction to American Politics Saylor Saylor
POLSCI112 Democratic Development Stanford University Coursera
POLSCI210 America's Written Constitution Yale University Coursera
POLSCI235 From International Relations to Global Politics LUISS Iversity
POLSCI235 Introduction to International Relations Saylor Saylor
POLSCI240 Age of Globalization UTAustin EdX
POLSCI277 Global Health and Humanitarianism University of Manchester Coursera
POLSCI312 Human Trafficking The Ohio State University Coursera
POLSCI350 Human Rights and Development Cornell EdX
POLSCI350 Human Rights Activism, Advocacy and Change Cornell EdX
POLSCI433 Terrorism and Counterterrorism Georgetown EdX
POLSCI458 Genocide OUI OpenupEd
POLSCI461 History and Institutions of the European Union UNINETTUNO OpenupEd
POLSCI484 The Changing Global Order Universiteit Leiden Coursera
PSYCH312 The Psychology of Criminal Justice The University of Queensland EdX
PSYCH314 Forensic Psychology: Witness Investigation The Open University FutureLearn
REL165 Greek and Roman Mythology University of Pennsylvania Coursera
REL220 The Bible's Prehistory, Purpose, and Political Future Emory University Coursera
SPAN93 AP® Spanish Language and Culture Boston University EdX