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Chem 93
Chem 100
  • The course develops critical thinking and analytic problem solving skills within a chemistry context in order to prepare students for success in college-level Ge...
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  • This course is designed to look at the topics covered in advanced high school chemistry courses, correlating to the standard topics as established by the America...
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Chem 101
Chem 102
Chem 105
Chem 222
  • Detailed introduction of the theory, instrumentation, application of spectroscopic techniques. Topics include: mass spectrometry, ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) sp...
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Chem 250
Chem 315
Chem 326
Chem 331
Chem 332
  • Exploration of quantum mechanics, with particular emphasis on wave-like particle behavior, the Schrödinger Equation, particle-in-a-box, Eigenstates and Eigenvalu...
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Chem 345
Chem 346
Chem 348
Chem 349
Chem 363
Chem 401
  • Study of the chemistry, properties, and reactivity of metal-containing compounds. Topics include: atomic structure and electron configurations, bonding theories,...
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Chem 410
Chem 425
  • Detailed survey of the analytical theories and methods of qualitative and quantitative analysis. Explores gravimetric analysis, titrations, ultraviolet-visible (...
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Chem 426
  • If chemistry is the science of stuff, then analytical chemistry answers the question: what is it? And how much of it do you have? This advanced chemistry course ...
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