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Level Course Title University Provider
ACCT201 More Introduction to Financial Accounting University of Pennsylvania Coursera
ACCT202 Managerial Accounting Saylor Saylor
ACCT420 Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination West Virginia University Coursera
ACCT530 Taxes and taxation in Russia MESI OpenupEd
ANTH120 A Brief History of Humankind Hebrew University of Jerusalem Coursera
ART101 Art Appreciation and Techniques Saylor Saylor
B LAW210 Business Law and Ethics Saylor Saylor
BIO103 Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology Saylor Saylor
BIO115 Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology Lab Saylor Saylor
CHEM101 Chemistry: Concept Development and Application Rice University Coursera
CHEM102 Introduction to Chemistry: Structures and Solutions Duke University Coursera
CHEM105 Introduction to Solid State Chemistry MIT EdX
CHEM222 Spectroscopy Saylor Saylor
CHEM315 The Chemistry of Life KyotoU EdX
CHEM331 Introduction to Physical Chemistry University of Manchester Coursera
CHIN220 Intermediate Chinese Grammar | 中级汉语语法 Peking University EdX
COM101 Public Speaking Saylor Saylor
ECON101 The Power of Microeconomics: Economic Principles in the Real World University of California, Irvine Coursera
ECON101 Principles of Microeconomics University of Pennsylvania Coursera
ECON101 Principles of Microeconomics Saylor Saylor
ECON102 Principles of Macroeconomics The University of Melbourne Coursera
ECON102 The Power of Macroeconomics: Economic Principles in the Real World University of California, Irvine Coursera
ECON102 Principles of Macroeconomics Saylor Saylor
ECON301 Intermediate Microeconomics Saylor Saylor
ECON302 Intermediate Macroeconomics Saylor Saylor
ECON322 Public Finance Saylor Saylor
ECON323 Labor Economics Saylor Saylor
ECON327 International Trade MRUniversity MRUniversity
ECON333 International Economics IIT Kanpur NPTEL
ECON361 Energy Subsidy Reform IMF EdX
ECON370 Introduction to Neuroeconomics: how the brain makes decisions Higher School of Economics Coursera
ECON383 Economic History of the Soviet Union MRUniversity MRUniversity
ECON427 Math for Economists Saylor Saylor
EDU302 Accountable Talk®: Conversation that Works University of Pittsburgh Coursera
EDU339 Designing a New Learning Environment Stanford University Novoed
EDU339 Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills The University of Melbourne Coursera
EDU344 Performance Assessment in the Virtual Classroom University of California, Irvine Coursera
EDU463 Fundamentals of Online Education: Planning and Application Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
EDU464 E-learning and Digital Cultures The University of Edinburgh Coursera
ENG101 English Composition I Saylor Saylor
ENG108 Introduction to Cultural and Literary Studies Saylor Saylor
FIN301 Les principes de la finance Louvain EdX
FIN305 Diagnosing the Financial Health of a Business Macquarie Graduate School of Management Open2Study
FIN310 Financial Analysis of Entrepreneurial Ideas Babson Novoed
FIN315 Financing New Ventures UCSF Novoed
FIN317 Financing and Investing in Infrastructure Universitŕ Bocconi Coursera
GER101 Auf Deutsch: Communicating in German Across Cultures University of Pennsylvania Coursera
HIST298 Women and the Civil Rights Movement University of Maryland, College Park Coursera
MATH172 Single-Variable Calculus I Saylor Saylor
MATH173 Single-Variable Calculus II Saylor Saylor
MGT100 Management KTU OpenupEd
MGT101 Introduction to Business Saylor Saylor
MGT124 Business and its Environment: An Overview of Business and the Role of Finance in Business Open Education Consortium EdX
MGT126 The Importance of Money in Business University of Leeds FutureLearn
MGT160 Inclusive Leadership Training: Leading with Effective Communication Catalyst EdX
MGT178 Enhance Your Career and Employability Skills University of London Coursera
MGT193 Power Onboarding Northwestern University Coursera
MGT210 Corporate Communication Saylor Saylor
MGT301 Evidence-Based Management Foundations Australian National University EdX
MGT301 Principles of Management Saylor Saylor
MGT352 Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making Delft EdX
MGT483 Organizational Behavior Saylor Saylor
MGT491 Advanced Competitive Strategy Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen Coursera
MGT OP215 Business Statistics Saylor Saylor
MGT OP340 Operations Management University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Coursera
MGT OP360 Supply Chain Design MIT EdX
MRKT360 An Introduction to Marketing University of Pennsylvania Coursera
PHIL101 Introduction to Philosophy: God, Knowledge and Consciousness MIT EdX
PHIL108 Revolutionary Ideas: An Introduction to Legal and Political Philosophy University of Pennsylvania Coursera
PHIL180 Critical Thinking - Reason and Fair Play in Communication Maastricht School of Management Romania Iversity
PHIL201 Logic: Language and Information 1 The University of Melbourne Coursera
PHIL220 Philosophy and the Sciences The University of Edinburgh Coursera
PHIL349 Chinese Thought: Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science - Part 2 The University of British Columbia EdX
PHIL427 Contemporary Issues in Philosophy of Mind & Cognition IIT Bombay NPTEL
POLSCI277 Global Health and Humanitarianism University of Manchester Coursera
POLSCI484 The Changing Global Order Universiteit Leiden Coursera